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8 Steps to High Performance by Marc Effron

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Focus on what you can change.

Ignore the rest. 

The definitive guide to high performance. 

There's no shortage of advice about how to perform better at work.


The problem is knowing which advice is actually proven to work - and how you can apply it to get the best results.

This book’s clear messages — about what to do and what not to do — make it a must-read for anyone who wants to perform better at work, regardless of level or age.

Melanie Steinbach

Vice President and Chief Talent Officer

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Use the most conclusive science and practical advice to boost your performance today.

Each chapter is research-based, practical, and filled with powerful resources including:

  • Self-Assessments

  • Tools

  • Templates

  • Guidelines

  • Case Studies

8 Steps to High Performance
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The 8 Steps of High Performance

Science shows that you completely control 50 percent of your work performance - 8 Steps tells you how to optimize that 50%.

The other 50%? You can’t control it so don’t waste your time.

It’s the heart of high performance and the critical step before you worry about any of the next seven steps. The great news about delivering big results is that powerful science tells us exactly how to do it well; the fundamentals haven’t changed in ages.

Set Big Goals: 8 Steps to High Peformance
Set Big Goals

We know which behaviors will help and harm your performance. Use this information to demonstrate performance-driving behaviors and avoid those that may undercut your success.

Behave to Perform: 8 Steps to High Peformance
Behave to Perform

When you grow, you get a better choice of jobs and more money in your pocket. Every minute you aren’t growing your capabilities, you’re losing your competitive advantage to someone who’s working hard to grow theirs.

Grow Yourself Faster: 8 Steps to High Peformance
Grow Yourself Faster

Science shows that your ability to influence and connect with others predicts who will be a high performer. The more strong, productive relationships you create, the closer you’ll get to your theoretical maximum performance.

Connect: 8 Steps to High Peformance

Your ability to quickly adapt your behaviors to your company changing strategies and needs makes you more versatile, valuable, and more likely to get opportunities to demonstrate even more high performance.

Maximize Fit: 8 Steps to High Peformance
Maximize Fit

As your career evolves, you’ll need to show new behaviors to sustain your high performance. Some of those behaviors might not come naturally to you, so get comfortable faking them until they become your new normal.

Fake It: 8 Steps to High Peformance
Fake It

Your body plays a critical role in your performance and the science shows that sleep is the most critical and controllable factor. The surprising fact is that quality matters much more than quantity.

Commit Your Body: 8 Steps to High Peformance
Commit Your Body

Your hard work to be a high performer shouldn’t be derailed by popular but questionable management advice. These fads prevent theoretical maximum performance and waste valuable time that you can apply to the seven steps proven to work.

Avoid Distractions: 8 Steps to High Peformance
Avoid Distractions

Meet the Author

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Marc Effron​

President | Talent Strategy Group

Co-FounderTalent Management Institute


Author 8 Steps to High Performance, One Page Talent Management 

Marc helps the world's biggest brands and most successful companies elevate the quality and impact of their talent. He leads transformational projects globally in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to consumer products to technology and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Influencers in HR. 

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